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Clear Health Advisors eliminates the guesswork and frustration from the health care equation. They provide clients with clear, comprehensive and objective medical guidance and case management for all health care issues, so that clients can focus on regaining their health and wellbeing. From identifying the most qualified doctors to provide an accurate and early diagnosis to procuring the best second opinion, researching cutting-edge treatment options and navigating medical emergencies, Clear Health Advisors handles each client holistically, compassionately and individually.

Clear Health Advisors has successfully worked with patients with a wide range of medical issues. Founders Dr. Valerie Ulene and Byrdie Lifson Pompan provide clients with the education, access and resources necessary to make well-informed and up-to-the-minute health care decisions. Clear Health Advisors strategically coordinates a team of experts and steers clients through the maze of complexities surrounding diagnosis, treatment and recovery with skill, kindness and empathy.

The services Clear Health Advisors provides are vital and often life-saving. Just consider the statistics:

  • Hospital medical mistakes are the third leading cause of death in the United States, behind only heart disease and cancer, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • 15 million patients are harmed by medical errors in U.S. hospitals each year, reports the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.
  • One in 20 adults who seek outpatient medical care are misdiagnosed, according to a study published in the journal BMJ Quality & Safety last year, and in half of those cases, the misdiagnosis has the potential to result in severe harm.
  • Medication errors result in about 4 million avoidable hospital admissions and about 1.4 million avoidable office visits, according to a report by IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics.

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Our People

Dr. Valerie Ulene     Byrdie Lifson-Pompan

Dr. Valerie Ulene

Co-Founder & Medical Director

Dr. Ulene is a board-certified specialist in General Preventive Medicine and Public Health, completing her residency training at New York Hospital. Dr. Ulene has extensive experience in medical writing and health education. She is the co-author of several consumer books on health, served as section editor of the educational patient page in the peer-reviewed journal, Preventive Medicine, and wrote a monthly column for the Los Angeles Times health section for over a decade.

Dr. Ulene attended Princeton University and received her medical degree from Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons; she also earned a master's degree at Columbia's Mailman School of Public Health.

Byrdie Lifson-Pompan

Co-Founder & CEO

Ms. Lifson-Pompan has had a long career in client service and advocacy. For 20 years, Ms. Lifson- Pompan was an agent and partner at Creative Artists Agency (CAA), the world's leading entertainment and sports agency. While an agent, she represented many of the entertainment industry's most accomplished screenwriters and directors, including many Academy Award winners. She was unwavering in her support for her clients. Through a deeply personal journey, she grew passionate about the issues surrounding patients' needs and health care quality. She transitioned out of entertainment and In October of 2013, Ms. Lifson-Pompan partnered with Dr. Valerie Ulene to launch, CLEAR HEALTH ADVISORS. Their mission is to get people with complex medical conditions the best care in the world — because they do deserve but but can't access it. As the co-founder of Clear Health Advisors, Byrdie and her extraordinary medical team work to improve the healthcare experience for their clients. Their dedication to patient care and commitment to excellence, has resulted in many successful outcomes.

A native of Los Angeles, Ms. Lifson-Pompan received her B.A. in sociology from UCLA. She has a Masters in Healthcare Leadership from Brown University, May 2016.

She has been active in several charitable organizations including a board member position of the Los Angeles chapter of SKY'S THE LIMIT FUND, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, Communities in Schools, and CAA Foundation.

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Our Services

patients to

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Clear Health Advisors provides comprehensive healthcare consulting and case management, guiding clients to the best healthcare options and delivering peace of mind.

Their services include:

  • Identification of and access to the most experienced and qualified specialists
  • Diagnosis-specific research reports
  • Collection and digitalization of medical records
  • Medical records review and interpretation
  • Second opinion counseling
  • Appointment scheduling and accompaniment in certain instances
  • Coordination of communication between physicians
  • Patient-specific treatment options
  • Decision-making support
  • Medication oversight and tracking
  • Healthcare proxy and advance directive assistance
  • Home therapy and rehabilitation counseling and setup
  • Logistical support
  • Assisted living and nursing home recommendations
  • Mental health and substance abuse treatment facility recommendations
  • Health, wellness and prevention counseling

Clear Health Advisors carefully and objectively researches all available treatments to assist clients in fully understanding their options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need Clear Health Advisors?

When it comes to healthcare, people need help—whether they know it or not. Simply consider the following:

  • There's virtually no way for patients to accurately evaluate physician quality. The data to do so is extremely limited and difficult to access.
  • It's complicated for patients to determine if they've been diagnosed correctly. Misdiagnosis is currently the third leading cause of death, after heart disease and cancer.
  • It's even more difficult for patients to know if they're receiving state-of-the-art treatment. In fact, studies have shown that many doctors do not even follow expert recommendations and clinical guidelines.
  • Clear Health Advisors has the credentials needed to help clients in all medical situations and the success stories and references to prove it.

What services does Clear Health Advisors offer?

Clear Health Advisors offers a wide range of services that clients can tailor to their specific needs.

  • Case management. Custom case management is the most comprehensive service offering, which guides clients through the complexities of diagnosis and treatment from start to finish.
  • Physician identification and records collection. When clients need assistance choosing a doctor or finding the right specialist, Clear Health Advisors does the research necessary to identify the best and most appropriate physician for each individual patient. Once a physician is selected, an appointment will be set up and all necessary medical records will be forwarded to the physician's office prior to the visit.
  • Clinical trial identification and selection. If clients are considering participating in a clinical trial, Clear Health Advisors will search the national database and identify those that are appropriate. Once the right trial has been chosen, Clear Health walks clients through the complex registration and enrollment process.
  • Health maintenance. Clear Health Advisors creates personalized wellness programs for clients who want to keep up (or catch up) with their wellness examinations. All logistics are handled to ensure client follow through.

What types of patients can Clear Health Advisors help?

Clear Health Advisors helps patients with a wide range of medical conditions and concerns. Many clients are struggling with extremely serious and time-sensitive diagnoses, such as heart disease, cancer, respiratory infections, or rare disorders. Others are grappling with chronic medical problems with elusive solutions such as debilitating headaches or back pain. Some clients are not dealing with a particular illness or condition, but engage in a variety of wellness and preventive services Clear Health Advisors offers that can help even the healthiest individuals thrive.

If there's one thing that most Clear Health Advisors clients have in common, it's this: They've attempted to navigate the healthcare system on their own and have come away from the experience confused and frustrated.

What is Clear Health Advisors' process?

Clear Health Advisors works with clients every step of the way.

  • Research and collection of medical records. Clear Health Advisors have an in-depth understanding of their clients' medical histories. When working with a new client, the first step in the process is to collect all relevant medical records. The records are then organized and digitized so that they can be quickly and securely shared with health care professionals when necessary. Clear Health will continually collect and update medical records for established clients.
  • Identification of specialists. Clear Health Advisors identifies the most appropriate specialists to render a medical opinion and schedules in-person visits with them. If a client is unable to travel to the physician, a remote consultation will be arranged.
  • Education. Clear Health Advisors educates their clients about their health situation, from diagnosis to treatment options. This helps ensure that clients' interactions with physicians will be as productive as possible and that they'll be prepared to make truly informed decisions about their care and treatment.
  • Attending physician visits. Clear Health Advisors will attend doctor's appointments with clients requesting or needing assistance.
  • Support and guidance. Clear Health Advisors treats the whole client. They are fervent advocates for their clients within the health care setting, and also provide logistical and emotional support and guidance for them and their families.

How does Clear Health Advisors identify the most appropriate specialists?

Clear Health Advisors spends a tremendous amount of time researching and identifying the most experienced and specialized physicians to meet each client's individual needs. A variety of factors are considered in the physician selection process including physicians' clinical and research experience as well as their medical training and professional reputation.

Clear Health Advisors does not receive financial compensation from doctors, hospitals or academic institutions for placement of clients. They choose only the most qualified and highly specialized medical professionals for clients on a case-by-case basis.

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News & Events

News: Former CAA Partner: Why I Became an Agent for the Sick (Guest Column)

After a series of family misdiagnoses, Byrdie Lifson Pompan — whose roster included Paul Haggis and Frank Darabont — left Hollywood and now fights for more vulnerable clients: patients. She tells her story for THR's annual Doctors Issue.

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Event: When Serious Illness of Hospitalization Stikes

Clear Health Advisors’ Byrdie Lifson Pompan will speak about “When Serious Illness or Hospitalization Strikes: Learn How to Ask the Right Questions and Get the Vital Information You Need” at MPTF’s 3rd annual Deal With It: A Women’s Conference on Sunday, September 27th at the Montage Beverly Hills.

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Patient Stories

Byrdie     Delinah H.     Mitch B.     Monica O.     Rita R.

It could be said that Byrdie and her family members were Clear Health's first clients.

For seven years, Ms. Lifson-Pompan took charge of her family's medical needs. Her father had a rare form of cancer. He was originally told he had only weeks left to live. Her mother had debilitating asthma and emphysema, which gradually undermined her lungs' ability to function. Her brother was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor, requiring immediate surgical resection and chemotherapy. And, if that weren't enough, several years prior, Byrdie was afflicted with a brain tumor of her own, fortunately one that was benign.

Byrdie witnessed firsthand just how difficult navigating the healthcare system can be. Multiple medical errors were made. Both she, her father and her brother were initially misdiagnosed. It was only her persistence and vigilance which kept her family's care on track.

That's why she is dedicated to helping others navigate the complicated healthcare system and connecting them to the physicians that can help them most.

Delinah H.'s Story

The Client : A 47-year old university professor and mother of two

The Situation
Delinah was diagnosed with a brain mass that was thought to be a tumor and was told that it needed to be removed immediately. A MRI done immediately before surgery, however, suggested that the mass was not a tumor but rather a vascular bleed. Delinah's doctor canceled surgery and advocated a "watch and wait" approach, recommending that they simply monitor the tumor.

Clear Health Advisors
Delinah contacted Clear Health immediately after her aborted surgery for direction and guidance. Within 24 hours, a neurosurgeon with extensive experience treating vascular problems was identified and, within 48 hours, Delinah's medical records were delivered to him and an appointment was scheduled. The surgeon disagreed with the recommendation of her first doctor; he did not feel that waiting was an option and urged Delinah to let him perform surgery as soon as possible. Within a week, she had not only undergone surgery but was well on her way to a complete recovery.

Clear Health provided me with a lifeline at a time when I most needed it. It wasn't just their medical guidance, knowing which doctors to go to, which clinical strategy to pursue -- it was their judgment, patience, and empathy. When dealing with a medical crisis (in my case, brain surgery), it's easy to get lost in the morass of the system, but Clear Health got me and my family through as quickly and cleanly as possible. Clear Health exuded impeccable professionalism and every-i-dotted effectiveness while maintaining the soft touch of a friend. We wouldn't have gotten through it without them.


Mitch B.'s Story

The Client : 13-year-old boy who loves playing lacrosse

The Situation
When Mitch was seven years old, he developed a mole on his face. The mole was removed but six years later, a new mole grew back in the same spot. For cosmetic reasons, his parents wanted the mole removed again. They never imagined it was anything serious and were taken totally by surprise when they were told it might be malignant.

Clear Health Advisors Solution
It turns out that the mole Mitch originally had removed had been abnormal. But, as frequently happens in healthcare, the information got 'lost' and was never communicated to Mitch's parents. Clear Health arranged for Mitch to see two top specialists in pediatric melanoma. Rather than simply having the mole removed again, they recommended simultaneously excising both the mole and a nearby lymph node. If the mole turned out to be cancerous, removing the lymph node would allow them to immediately determine if it had spread. As it turns out, the mole was melanoma. But, fortunately, the lymph node was unaffected and Mitch and his parents were told that his prognosis was excellent.

Clear Health Advisors helped us with a very scary situation. Our 13 year old son was diagnosed with a juvenile melanoma (which is a very rare diagnosis- less than 400-500 cases per year reported). We were paralyzed with fear and felt so grateful that Clear Health was able to help. Within days Clear Health identified top melanoma specialists and scheduled appointments for us at both UCSF and Stanford with the heads of their melanoma clinics. There isn't a day that goes by that we don't feel so fortunate to have access to the care that we do. We are now in a position to be able to move forward and know that we are being followed by wonderful, top- notch physicians. We are forever grateful...

Liz B. (Mitch B's mother)

Monica O.'s Story

The Client : 23-year-old student studying for her master's degree in psychology

The Situation
For years, Monica suffered from a variety of seemingly unexplainable symptoms. She was in constant pain and chronically tired. Out of nowhere, she would suddenly become nauseous, her vision would blur, or her heart would race. Some days her symptoms were so severe that she couldn't make it to class—or even get out of bed. She had seen a seemingly endless number of physicians, but none of them had been able to accurately identify what was wrong.

Clear Health Advisors Solution
Clear Health collected all of Monica's medical records and had a leading diagnostician review her case. He took a holistic approach to Monica's problems, conducting an in-person three-day comprehensive exam. He diagnosed Monica with autonomic dysautonomia, a very rare condition affecting the nervous system. Once the problem was diagnosed, Clear Health identified a leading expert in autonomic dysautonomia at Mayo Clinic and promptly scheduled an appointment for Monica. For the first time in years, Monica's symptoms are under control and she is able to live and learn like any other student her age.

After several misdiagnoses and inconclusive evaluations, Clear Health took one of the scariest situations in my life and created a sense of ease and undeniable hope. Working with Clear Health took the nuisance of medical model procedures and turned them into more manageable and efficient steps that they walked me through. Clear Health takes on your case and they don't stop until you receive your long awaited and well-deserved answers. Because of their persistence and dedication, I am now that much closer to getting an accurate diagnoses and proper treatment.

Thank you so much Clear Health, from the bottom of my heart.

Monica O. ~

Rita R.'s Story

The Client : 72-year-old active woman

The Situation
When Rita woke up one morning and saw that her face was partially paralyzed., she was panic-stricken. She saw her internist immediately. He diagnosed her with Bell's palsy, a condition that attacks the facial nerve, and told her that her symptoms would likely resolve on their own over time. He was so certain of his diagnosis that he didn't feel that any imaging studies were necessary. Two months later, however, Rita was no better.

Clear Health Advisors Solution
Because Rita was uncomfortable questioning her physician, her adult daughter contacted Clear Health for help. We referred her to a top neurologist who immediately ordered a CT scan to rule out the possibility that a tumor was causing the paralysis. Clear Health also identified a physical therapist specializing in facial reanimation who works exclusively with patients like Rita.

When my mother was sick and I didn't know who to turn to, Clear Health was my first call - and it was the best call I could have made. Clear Health was able to get me immediately to the right doctors, and guided me to know the questions I needed to ask. My mother is now on the right track towards getting better and I have Clear Health to thank for it! They are amazing.

-Susan (Rita R's daughter)

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