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My College MD

Introducing MY COLLEGE MD


Clear Health Advisors is a private healthcare navigation company founded by Dr. Valerie Ulene and Byrdie Lifson Pompan. For close to a decade Clear Health Advisors has served thousands of individual, family and corporate clients, providing them with the resources necessary to make well-informed and up-to-the-minute health care decisions. A brief description of our standard service offerings can be found on our website

This year Clear Health is proud to announce its newest service – MY COLLEGE MD. As parents of college students and recent college graduates, Byrdie and Val recognize the need for “adult” children to take control of their own healthcare. And never has there been a time where this was more important than RIGHT NOW!


College bound students have only three options when they feel sick:

Student Health Services
Student health services vary widely in the range and level of care they provide. Some are equipped to treat little more than colds and minor injuries while others may offer lab tests, imaging studies, and access to specialist care. Based on a recent survey, the Washington Post reported earlier this month that, “Student health centers are akin to the Wild West of medical care. There are no national regulations, and most are not licensed by states. Only about 220 campus medical clinics of the thousands nationwide are accredited by outside health organizations as meeting best practices.”

Local Urgent Care
Urgent care centers can be a good place to receive medical care for minor illnesses and injuries, however, like campus-based health service clinics, the scope of services they offer and the quality of care they provide varies dramatically from center to center. For example, some centers are staffed almost exclusively with physicians while others rely largely on nurse practitioners or physician’s assistants. Also, the emphasis at urgent care centers is on episodic care, and patients typically see a different provider at every visit.

Emergency Room
Emergency rooms are an inefficient – and very expensive – way to receive non-critical care. They should be reserved for what they were designed for, true emergencies. In situations warranting an emergency room visit, having a primary care physician can help streamline and expedite the experience. Remember that on a good day, patients requiring hospital admission might expect to wait four or five hours in the ER before getting a bed, while on a bad day, the wait can be two or three times as long.


It makes sense that the best healthcare provider for your college-bound student is a primary care doctor with a comprehensive understanding of your child’s overall health. MY COLLEGE MD can make that happen.


  • Identify a board-certified internist or family medicine physician near your child’s college or university;
  • Transfer your child’s medical records to the new provider along with a brief clinical summary of any specific healthcare issues or needs;
  • Provide your family with important legal documents, including a healthcare proxy and HIPAA release, that will allow you to communicate with doctors and access medical records on your child’s behalf if they are unable to do so while away at school.

Why would you use MY COLLEGE MD? Because it just makes good sense.

Although college students are generally healthy, most get sick and require a doctor’s attention from time- to-time during their years away at school. It’s also important to keep in mind that health challenges, especially in the areas of mental and behavioral health, frequently arise during this stage of life.

Your child’s health is not only critical to their physical and mental wellbeing, it will play an important role in their academic achievement and success in school. Health challenges have been clearly shown to undermine motivation, engagement, and rates of college completion and graduation.

Knowing your child has a personal relationship with a primary care doctor in their college town will also give you one less thing to worry about, and that alone may be reason enough.


MY COLLEGE MD charges a one-time flat fee of $500. Your child will complete a health history form online and MY COLLEGE MD will take care of the rest.

CLEAR HEALTH ADVISORS – (800) 673-7014

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